Hi! I'm Bug/Gogomi ✨I'm primarily a hobby artist. I like to draw fanart, take part in fan anthologies and design/sell fan merch on Etsy and Redbubble!Please check out my portfolios if you're interested in what I do.

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illustration portfolio image

Portfolio for painting and illustration work

Portfolio for merchandise and physical products

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Private commissions are via VGen only for now.
For commercial opportunities, charity work or promotion please reach out on my email below or DM me on Instagram or Twitter to discuss.



available on Etsy

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I have been taking part in zines and fan projects since 2017.
Projects are listed in date order, most recent first.

DOPZine TitleFandomRoleLinkPiece
2024MoongazersFFXVIPage ArtistLinkNYP
2024At DaybreakFFXIVPage ArtistLinkNYP
2024Love of the LightFFXIVPage ArtistLinkNYP
2024FulminateFFXVIMerch ArtistLink🛍️🛍️
2023Freedom Through TechnologyFFXIVPage Artist / Spot artistLink🎨
2023FlowFFXIVPage ArtistLink🎨
20234 SeasonsMo Dao Zu ShiGuest ArtistLinkNYP
2023Horror of Your Love (Cancelled Zine)FFXIVPage Artistx🎨 🎨
2022Blackest KnightFFXIVPage ArtistLink🎨
2022Sweet MewmoriesTokyo Mew MewPage ArtistLink🎨
2022Night Haunt ZineWorks by author MXTXMerch ArtistLink🛍️
2022Stratagem Tarot ProjectFFXIVOrganizer / Card ArtistLink🎨🛍️
2022PicturesqueJibaku Shounen Hanako-KunPage ArtistLink🎨
2021The Sun's JourneyFFXIVMerch ArtistLink🛍️
2021Ladies of the SeasonsWorks by author MXTXSpread ArtistLink🎨
2021SolsticeTian Guan Ci FuPage ArtistLink🎨
2021Heal Up!Magical Girl MultifandomPage ArtistLink🎨
2021It's a Small WorldKingdom HeartsMerch ArtistLink🛍️
2020Into the WoodsMo Dao Zu ShiPage ArtistLink🎨
2020In Full BloomWorks by author MXTXComic / Collab ArtistLink🔞
2020HOTTian Guan Ci FuPage ArtistLink🎨 🎨
2017Duelist CoutureRevolutionary Girl UtenaPage Artist / CosplayerLink🎨 📷


I have been tabling at events on and off since 2013.
Conventions are listed in date order, most recent first.
(My records are not consistent so thank you for being patient with how messy this is!)

DateEventCountryInfo / ArtPhotos
Nov 2024Hotarucon 3UKapplied 
Sept 2024MakersQuest SGSGtentative 
Aug 2024Kitacon WonderlandUKconfirmed 
June 2024DesuconFI📝 
March 2024Minamicon 29UK📝 / 🎨📷
Sept 2023Kupocon Pom2UK📝📷
March 2023Minamicon 28UK🎨📷/📷
Jan 2023Desucon FrostbiteFI📝📷 / 📷
Nov 2022Hotarucon 1UKx📷/📷
Jul 2022Hyper JapanUK📝📷/📷
Aug 2022Kitacon ReturnsUK📝📷/📷
Jul 2022LunarconONLINE📝 
Jun 2022DesuconFI📝📷
March 2022Minamicon 27UK🎨📷
Feb 2022Kupocon RetropomUKx📷
Jul 2021LunarconONLINE📝 
Dec 2020ComfyCozyConONLINE📝 
March 2020Minamicon 26UK🎨📷
Jan 2020Desucon FrostbiteFI📝📷
Nov 2019HibanaconUKx📷/📷
Sept 2019Kupocon PomexUK📝📷 /📷
June 2019DesuconFI📝📷
March 2019Minamicon 25UK🎨📷
Nov 2018HibanaconUKx📷/📷
June 2018DesuconFIx📷
March 2018Minamicon 24UK🎨 / 🎨📷
Feb 2018Kupocon Pomingham PalaceUKx📷
Nov 2017HibanaconUKx📷
Jan 2017Desucon FrostbiteFIx📷
July 2016Hyper JapanUKx📷
Jan 2016Desucon FrostbiteFIx📷
July 2015Hyper Japan (O2)UK  
Oct 2014MCM LondonUK  
July 2014Hyper JapanUK  
May 2014MCM LondonUK  
Oct 2013LFCC WinterUK  
July 2013LFCCUK  
gogomi gomi

🌸 name . gogomi or bug
🌸 age . 30+
🌸 pronouns. she/her
- I am a UK-based hobby artist currently focusing on anime and game fanart.- I attend conventions in the UK and Finland and am hoping to visit other international conventions when possible.- I work a full time day job that is very busy so please be patient with me if I'm not online or slow to respond!- I love magical girls, vintage shoujo, and classic horror manga.


PLEASE NOTE: I run a lot of twitter blockchains on people who have harrassed artists. If I have blocked you please don't take it personally!

- I am most active on Twitter where you will find art, WIPs, shop updates and random life rambling.- Instagram, Bsky and Tumblr are mostly art focused with occasional shop and merch updates.- Free to follow or unfollow on any platform. I block back on twitter via mirrorblock for security.- I do not tend to post NSFW, but I may interact with it to support my friends who are NSFW artists so discretion is advised.


Commissions will be through VGen where applicable



gogomi gomi

Main store for personally designed and/or self-made merch shipped directly from me.

PLEASE NOTE: I can't ship to PL/DE via this store.

Side store for discontinued designs, t-shirts and apparel.

gogomi gomi
gogomi gomi

Prints from here are cheaper than the ones I sell on Etsy!

If you're interested in commissions you can find information on what's available here!

gogomi gomi